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Location:Ohio, United States of America

~Wiccy. Female. Over 21.
~US Eastern (GMT -5), but I sometimes keep weird hours due to insomnia, hours flexible.
~RPing for 10+ years in multiple formats.
~Friendly, straight forward, goofy, open-minded.
~Quality over Quantity, third person, past tense.
~Fade to black or explicit.
~Both male and female characters.

Looking For
~Rapid volley/quick fire posting PSL/small group PSL via private journal or AIM. I'd like something "on the side" of my large group games that is relaxed and fun.

~Someone who is available to chat. We don't need to become bff but I like being able to discuss things.

~Someone who knows what they want more specifically than just "het" or "slash" or "dark". Clear and concise communication regarding lines, plots, scenes, limits, etc. This includes if you lose interest or decide we're not compatible. I am an adult and I try to behave like one so it's best for me to be treated like one.

~Someone who is friendly, open-minded, easy-going and patient. There are times when I get taken over with outside projects and I need someone able to roll with that and not get upset or pester me about posting.

~Someone who doesn't mind terse posting. I am not an overly verbose writer, you will always get something to work with; however, if you're not capable of, or don't like, replying to anything under two hundred words, we're probably not a great match. On the same token, I have been known to make an 1000+ word posts from time to time so if you hate reading long posts that might be an issue as well.

~Please be over 18 if the line you want involves non-fade to black sexyfuntimez. This is for my protection as well as yours.

PM to this Journal
AIM: Killerbreakfast
Email:mysimstales at gmail dot com
Things to Know
Hey there, I'm Wiccy. Welcome to my CDJ! I guess I should start by telling you a little about me, the person. Firstly, some bits and factoids; I am female, I am over 30, but under 40, I love cats and fish and moose and penguins and pretty much all animals. I love roller coasters, cosplay and collecting action figures. I am pagan, fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I am pretty damned difficult to offend and the things I tend to rant about the most are fandom related in some way.

Now on to the point if this journal, ROLEPLAYING!

I have 10+ years of experience with RPing in many different settings, fandoms and formats. I have RPed on just about every format known to mankind; AOL/Chat/IM, PLS, Yahoo!Groups/E-mail, Forum, Journal, tabletop, storybook, third-person, first-person, script, etc. Seriously, if it's a format that's out there, or ever has been, I've probably tried it. I have built both fandom and original sites from the ground up, taken over sites created by others when needed and worked as part of an admining team as a Co-Admin and moderator.

My current preferences tend toward group games on forums on Journaling systems. I play a lot in fandom games, both canon and OC based. I love a good panfandom game when i can find one. When it comes to OCs I like fantasy, supernatural (vamps, weres, witches, etc), and town/city based real life games. When I look for a new OC game I look for games with older characters (or at least a good mix of ages) because teen angst just doesn't appeal to me anymore!

I don't do anime based games because I'm just not into it and I don't to Celeb/Real Person because, quite frankly, it creeps me out.

When it comes to writing I like good grammar and character development, but I'm not heavy handed about word counts. To me it's about the quality over the quantity. As long as the person I'm writing with gives me what I need and they get that back in return, it's all good!

Storyline wise I'm willing to try just about anything! There are a few exceptions; incest and rape are two things I can think of off the top of my head that I WILL NOT scene.

For the most part I'm pretty laid back and friendly because I'm here for the pretendy-fun-times, not the Dramaz!
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